Maneybhanjyang – 2134 mts.

Maneybhanjyang is the starting point (entrance) of the Singalila trek (Sandakphu-Phalut trek). It is a small Indo-Nepal village which is 26 km ahead of Darjeeling town. Taxi takes 1½ hour to reach this place. Jeep is available any time at motor stand(old supermarket) in Darjeeling. From Maneybhanjyang one can get a view of the trekking route, which is an awesome, near vertical climb. The altitude of Maneybhanjyang is similar to Darjeeling i.e. 2134 mts. As being in the border, there is a frontier check post, where all the foreign tourists, trekking or travelling in this region has to show their travelling documents (mainly passport) in this office. Without Passport no-tourists are allowed to travel in this region. Indian tourists should have their voters ID or any residential proof. And opposite to this office, there is a Highlander Guides and Porters Welfare Association, which provides guides and porters to the tourists who are trekking and travelling in this region. It’s a Wildlife Forest Department rule that “all tourists entering the National Park either trekking or travelling by jeep will have to accompanied by guides trained and registered by Wildlife Department.”And any violation of the National Park rules and regulations will be dealt strictly under the relevant section of Wildlife Protection Act 1972 (2006 amendment) and Indian Forest Act 1972 (West Bengal Amendment). For this purpose Wildlife Forest Department has trained thousand of youth from Maneybhanjyan, Mazuwa, Jaubari, Khopi Dara, Gurdum, Damay Gaon, Dhotray, Rimbick, Darjeeling town and surrounding areas and issued them Governmental Identity Cards from the Wildlife department. Guides can be available at any entry points to Singalila at any time at the following places. (i) Maneybhanjyang- Highlander Guides and Porters Welfare Association, (ii) Dhotray – Nature Guides Association, (iii) Rimbick – Rimbick Guide Association and in Darjeeling recognized tours & travel is companies i.e. Clubside Tour & Travels, Himalayan Tour & Travels, Remo Tour & Travels, Adventures Unlimited, Himalayan Gateway, Trek Mate, Nawang Tour & Travels, Somewhere over the rainbow, Shikhar Tour & Travels, Himalayan Voyages & etc.

We also have the first Wildlife Forest Check Post, where guides and tourists have to register their names in this office. Tourist has to pay park fee and make permission for the trek with guide in this office.

CHITRAY : 2 km from Maneybhanjyang (Altitude 2434 mts.)

Climbing vertically stiff-uphill for 2 km, from Maneybhanjyang, is a place called Chitray, It is a Nepal village of two or three houses inhabited by Buddhist people who are Sherpas and Bhutias. But Chitray is famous for the monastery which was established in 1937 by a monk named Yogi Nath from Ladakh and now it is under the Drukpa Kragur of Dali Monastery and it is the meditation centre for young monks. It is also the famous Monastery for the Buddhist people.



LAMADHURA : 2670 mts.

Lamadhura is 3 km from Chitray and it is a small Nepal village. It is the Lunch-point for tourists who are trekking in this region.





MEGHMA : 2900 mts

Meghma is 4 km from Lamadhura, this village is situated in Indo-Nepal border. Meghma Monastery is one of the best sight-seeing in this trek, though the monastery is small but it is very famous among the Buddhist people mainly because of its 108 different status of Lord Buddha. This monastery is second in Asia after Tibet Monastery.




TUMLING : 2970 mts. 2 km form

The 1st option for tourist to make a night halt is Tumling. It is a Nepal village where private lodges are here. Tumling is famous for its best accommodation and homely atmosphere towards tourists in this region. Tourists love to visit Tumling as the people of this place are very friendly. Walking 1 km ahead from Tumling village, we have a second Wildlife Forest Check Post, where every guide and tourists has to register their names in this office and give their details of the trek by the guide in this office and pay the park fee and collect the permission for the trek if not done at Maneybhanjyang Wildlife Check Post.



TONGLU : 3070 mts

The second option for tourist to make a night halt is Tonglu. It is also 2 km from Meghma. The trek route is stiff uphill to Tonglu from Meghma. The view of Kanchanjunga from Tonglu hut is very beautiful.





JAUBARI : 2800 mts. approx.

It is 3 km away from Tumling and it is a Nepal village as well as marketing village for the surrounding villages of Nepal. Indian tourists can also make a night halt in this village instead of Tumling and Tonglu.





GAIRIBAS : 2625 mts.

Gairibas is the best place for the bird-watchers, these place has a dense forest and which is very-very lonely. Red Panda (Allures Fulgens) can also be seen in this forest. Besides these other animals are also found in this area. In Gairibas both Government hut and Private lodges are found to make night halt. We have a third Wildlife Forest Check Post, where every guide and tourists has to register their names in this office and give their details of the trek by the guide in this office and pay the park fee and collect the permission for the trek if not done at Maneybhanjyang and Tumling Wildlife Forest Check Post.



KAIYAKATTA : 2800 (approx).

Walking 2 km uphill through the forest of Rhododendron, Bamboos, Oak, we have a place called Kaiyakatta, which is a Tea-Point for tourists.






KALAPOKHARI : 3186 mts

3186 mts Kalapokhari is a Nepal village, where private lodges are found to stay. The inhabitant of these village are Sherpa and Bhutias. Kalapokhari got its name from the ‘Holy Pond’ which is black in color (Kala = Black, Pokhari = Pond) Black Pond.





BIKEYBHANJYANG : 3280 mts. approx.

It is two km from Kalapokhari. Bikeybhanjyang means valley of Poison. Where poisonous flowers Aconite are found in plenty. From this place tourist has to climb stiff uphill for 4 km. to reach Sandakphu.





SANDAKPHU : 3636 Mts.

Sandakphu is the highest point of Darjeeling district and West Bengal. It is famous tourist spots in the world. Thousands of tourists both domestic and International comes to see the panoramic view of the gigantic Himalayas Ranges from Nepal to Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh (India) uptill Bhutan. The four famous mountains which are above 8000 mts. such as Mount Everest, Mount Lhotse, Mount Makalu and Mount Kanchanjanga are viewed from Sandakphu-Phalut area. Sunrise and Sunset of Sandkaphu is world famous.




MOLLEY : 3480 mts. approx.

Molley is 16 km from Sandakphu and it is inside the dense alpine forest. It is also a good spot for the bird-watchers and for educational purpose.





PHALUT : 3600 mts.

The second highest point of West Bengal and Darjeeling. The view of Mount Kanchanjanga from Phalut is very close. It is only 11 km in bird flying-eye distance. Phalut view-point is the border of two-countries and two states i.e. Nepal-India and West Bengal-Sikkim. The trekking from Sandakphu to Phalut is one of the best part of this trek as because the trek is in above 3500 mts and in sunny days the view of Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Kanchanjanga and other mountains are just in front of the eye. It is totally “Paisa Wasool” for the mountain lovers. There is a Government hut in Phalut for a night stay.



GORKHEY : 2550 mts

Gorkhey is the last village of Darjeeling district and West Bengal. This village is bordered with Sikkim state. Trekking down from Phalut to Gorkhey is awesome. It is a wonderful part of trekking through the dense forests of Oaks, Bamboos, Rhododendrons etc. Many wild animals and birds are found in this forest. Gorkhey is one of the most beautiful village in this trek. It is best place to relax after a three/four days hike up in the mountains. This village is on the bank of two rivers.




SAMANDEN : 2600 mts approx.

One of the most beautiful camping site. People has named it as the “Lost Valley” for its beauties.






RAMMAM : 2700 mts( approx).

Rammam is a small village good for bird watchers.private lodges are available in this village.Camping is also allowed in this village.





SIRIKHOLA : 1900 mts.

Sirikhola is also a beautiful place to stay. It is on the bank of Sri River. It is very lonely and beautiful place, whistling of birds, sound of rivers, orating of crickets are awesome in this region.






Timburay is very famous for Homestays ,the surrounding view of this place is very beautiful and natural.





GURDUM : 2500 mts. approx.

Gurdum is 10 km down from Sandakphu and 5 km above Srikhola. This trekking route is the alternative route for the people who had limited time. Gurdum village is also a beautiful one. Here we have a private lodge, which is the best lodge compare to Tumling lodge. Besides Gurdum, there is also place called Timbura which is famous for home stay in this region.




RIMBICK : 2134 mts.

The last point of the trek is Rimbick, which is also the last market of West Bengal and Darjeeling district. Trekking ends at Rimbick and from here you have to drive back by vehicles. But those who wants to spend their time in Rimbick there are some sight-seeing like Rammam Hydel Project, Jhario Tar, Cave at Maney Dara, Monasteries etc. Daily Jeep service for Darjeeling is available from Rimbick at 6am to 6:30am in the morning session and 11 am to 12 noon in the noon session. Reserve taxi is also available there.



NOTE:But the tourist those who have plenty of time and if they don’t want to stay in Darjeeling town then they can continue the trek which will be for two extra nights uptill Darjeeling town or uptill JORETHANG,the entrance of Sikkim.BUT FOREIGN TOURIST MUST HAVE THE ENTRY PERMIT TO SIKKIM WITH THEM.