Guides for Tourist at Singalila National Park:

This is to inform you that the huge rush of tourist into Singalila National Park in recent years has resulted in manifold increase of Biotic Pressure in the park and has resulted in pollution of the trekking routes too. In view of this alarming situation the management of the National Park has decided that all tourist entering the National Park (by trekking or travelling by vehicle) will have to be accompanied by Guides Trained and registered by wildlife Division-1. It is also to inform you that the area of Singalila National Park started from Tumling but there is no village within the Singalila National Park and guide cannot be available from Tumling. In this connection all tourist entering the National Park, guide can be availed at the following places.

1. Range office (Visitor Centre) Singalila South Range at Maneybhanjang.

2.Range office of Singalila North Range at Rimbick.

3. Tourist assistance Booth, Highlander Guides and Porters Welfare Association at Maneybhanjang.

4. Dhodray Forest Village, Dhodray.

The Guidelines are as follows:

1. Visitors / Tourist are not allowed to enter the Singalila National Park (Sandakphu - Phalut) without trained nature guide.

2. Any violation of the rule will be dealt strictly under relevant section of Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.

3. Guide accompanying tourists should be trained by Wildlife Division-1 and will have to be registered under Wildlife Division-1.

4. Departure from Maneybhanjang for SNP by trekking or vehicle by tourist and guides should be completed before 11:00 A.M.

5. Guides will have to report at the Visitor Centre at Maneybhanjang of SNP every evening to collect the information of next few days or future programme or     assignment.

6. All assignments of guides to tourists will be made on a roster basis that will be maintianed at the concerned centre where guides will be alloted

7. The duty if the guides will be primaritory:

    a. Lead the tourist to their direction safely and back

    b. Educate them on subjects on which they are trained

    c. Prevent pollution and destruction of Wildlife and its habitat by the tourist in the Singalila National Park.

8. If any genuine complaint against any guide is received by any of the tourist then necessary action will be taken against the concerned guide/s as deemed fit by the     Management of SNP

9. Guide willl have to strictly abide by all rules and guidelines as laid down by the management of SNP/DFO wildlife Division-1. All guides will have to undertake a     written understanding in this regard.

10. All tourist will have to abide by the above mentioned guidelines for the entry into Singalila National Park. Any violation of the above mentioned guidelines Or National       Park Rules and Regulations will be dealt strictly under relevant sections of Wildlife Protection Act of 1972(2006 Amendment) and Indian Forest Act 1972(West       Bengal Amendment)